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Manfred Weber

Munich European Conference – Münchner Europa Konferenz e.V.

As an open, non-partisan and international platform, the Munich European Conference has set itself the goal of contributing to the political integration of a democratic Europe of diversity.

Under this precondition, the Munich Europe Conference provides a forum to analyse current developments, to keep awareness of the foundations of European integration and to identify ways for future developments.

To fulfil this purpose, the Munich European Conference hosts panel discussions and the annual European Dinner on the eve of the Munich Security Conference.

In other high-profile rounds of dialogue, lectures and discussions, current European issues and future challenges of European politics are regularly considered throughout the year.

The non-profit association Munich Europa Conference was founded in 2015 by Munich citizens on the initiative of Martin Schoeller, state chairman of the “Familienunternehmer” in Bavaria, and is registered in the Munich register of associations.


The MEC is set up to be an additional, important Europe-wide forum, regardless of party and cross-country issues, independent of Brussels, allowing representatives of the sectors to discuss aspects and suggestions, which concern the relationship between Europe and the rest of the world and, in particular, to the neighbouring regions, immigration and peace issues.


Manfred Weber

Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament

Dr. Benedikt Franke
COO Munich Security Conference (MSC)
1. Deputy Chairman

Stavros Kostantinidis
RA, Gollob Rechtsanwälte
2. Deputy Chairman

Moritz Graf zu Ortenburg
RA, WP, StB, Ortenburg & Partner

Mario Keller
Board member, Bourne Park Capital SICAF-SIF, Luxembourg

Henrike Hahn, MdEP
Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, European Parliament

Charlott Friederich

Albrecht Graf von Hochberg
A. T. Kearney

Dr. Ingo Friedrich
Vice-President of the Europe Parliament ret.

Dr. Martin Hüfner ( Dec. 2019)
Chief Economist, Assenagon Group

Prof. Dr. Gregor Kirchhof, LL.M.
Chair of Public Law, Finance Law and Tax Law
University of Augsburg

Markus Rinderspacher, MdL (SPD)
Vice President of the Bavarian State Parliament


Philipp Mercker, MBA
Head of the office

E:   info@europakonferenz.eu
T:    +49 89 90175118
F:    +49 89 81304789

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